Content Strategy: How Form Follows Function

le film rencontre en ligne Form follows function, even in content.Oftentimes, clients come to us asking us to write website content, or even a series of campaign landing pages. From a tactical perspective, we might be providing support as part of a larger team, where the project strategy has already been carefully mapped out. There are those times, however, when “can you write some website content for us” means, we’re throwing a bunch of mud at the wall to see what sticks.

free binary options trading software download Generally, when we start a relationship with a new client, we like to talk about context first. Of course, we can simply interview a subject matter expert, then write a section of web content – but if we’re not measuring that effort against your business goals, then we’re just in it for the money., Corsi operazioni binarie principianti. Recomendamos el uso de IE explorer, Fire Fox o Google Chrome para una mejor

go Before you embark on a content project with us, we’ll likely ask you:

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  • What business goals does this content support?
  • Who are we trying to target with this content?
  • What do you want your target audience(s) to do as a result of engaging with this content?
  • How does this particular audience consume content? And when?
  • What are our success measures for the content?

opzioni binarie quali rischi It might be that a section of web content won’t even reach the audience you’re trying to connect with. Then what?

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go to link Form follows function. It’s an age-old saying. But it’s true, even with content. First decide why you’re writing the content in the first place, then decide what form it should take. A section of web content? A comprehensive campaign series, complete with omni-channel engagement? Or something more.

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